Who plays bingo and why?

People of all ages and professions can be passionate about gaming, but for some reason, online bingo is a game that has a very broad appeal. There are estimated to be more than 100 million people who have registered with bingo sites around the world. So who does this traditional game of chance appeal to and why?

Commuter bingo

What better way to kill the time when you're travelling to and from work than with a game of bingo on your mobile? There's no need to think about how you're going to play the game, there aren't those kinds of decisions to be made in bingo. You simply choose a game, buy your tickets and wait for it to start. As the software marks off the numbers, you don't even need to concentrate on doing that; you can simply sit back and watch the progress of the game. And just imagine how happy you'd be if you happened to have a win on the way home!

Downtime for serious gamers

When you play a lot of games that require thought and strategy, you can get to the point when you're tired of thinking and start to make mistakes and silly errors that simply wouldn't happen when you were fresh to the game. That's why online bingo can be a great alternative to your usual gaming choices. It's easy to play and once you've chosen which jackpot to play for and purchased your tickets, you don't really need to do anything else.

You can just watch the progress of the game and chill out, or you might want to use the time to socialise with other players who are taking part in the same game as you, in the bingo chat room. All of the online bingo options generally have bingo chat rooms and some players are more concerned about which chat room a game is linked to than the details of the game itself.

A low-risk flutter

Bingo's also popular with people who like the idea of playing for money, but wouldn't consider themselves to be gamblers. While these people might never play a casino game like roulette or poker, they see bingo more as a bit of low-cost fun, which just might lead to a huge cash prize. Bingo games have always been cheap to play, and that's no different now the game is online. Added to this is the fact that many bingo sites like bgo now offer free bingo games to their depositing players, so you can always play for free whenever you feel like it.

Bingo's a game that is cheap - or even free - to play even though you might win large amounts of cash, it takes no mental effort and it can be played anytime, and just about anywhere thanks to the fact that so many bingo sites now offer mobile-compatible games too. It's no wonder that so many people enjoy it.

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